If your company is not present on YouTube, you’re absent from the second largest search engine

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In the 2000s, the main focus on the internet was on written content. If you wanted to grab attention or rank higher on Google, you would typically just publish more articles. Fast forward to two decades later and we all have become busier. We have less time to read and video content is consumed 4 times more, compared to reading. 

The “Attention Economy” has changed dramatically over the past decade. Most of us slouch on the couch with a remote because reading requires the effort of actually, well.. reading, keeping your place on the page, processing mentally what you just read and recreating it visually in your mind. Video doesn’t have these overheads and is a much more comfortable way of explaining a product or service. It provides visual info and educates customers about you and your business. It is a customer favorite because it is engaging while it entertains. An educated, entertained and informed customer spends more money, a lot easier.

Visual content leads to a higher retention rate and can significantly enhance your site’s SEO by driving individuals to your landing page. Remember, videos remain in Google search results for many years and continue to promote your brand without any extra money thrown at it. You might not be aware of it, but YouTube is the second largest search engine on earth. So if you’re not reaching out to a potential wider  client base with video engagement, you are completely absent from the second biggest search engine in the world. 

People are social creatures and video sharing plays an important part of social networking. Videos are shared effortlessly and habitually. They ignite emotions which form part of one’s trust factor and thus increases conversions, mainly because video content is more impactful in moving someone to a smile, a giggle, a cry or provide an educational or that light bulb moment.

Videos convert customers. That’s a fact. Users normally associate videos with better products, better companies and an overall a better value proposition. A well produced and informative video tells your potential client base that you’re tech savvy and on top of things and keep in mind that videos can be watched on almost any smart gadget, anywhere.

Once you have a video or a series of videos created for your company, see it as a sales person that you’ve paid once and this sales person doesn’t sleep. You deploy your  24/7 “sales people” on:

  • Social media –  where people meet to engage online with each other but more importantly, it is also where they engage with brands.
  • Newsletters – here the user is typically someone already familiar with your product or brand and easier to convince or convert to a sale. 
  • Blog posts and articles – videos embedded in blog posts offer additional context to the message you’re trying to get across.
  • On your website – videos are not only eye catching but also extraordinary storytellers and humanize your brand. They keep viewers on your site for longer with the added bonus of increasing your site rank with Google.  

Keep in mind that video sharing is at the heart of almost all social networking. Try this experiment for yourself: open your Facebook app on your phone or laptop and count how many posts you need to scroll past before you come across a video. There is a reason why you have a favorite TV series: people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and an amazing 70% of what they see and hear!

At Decibels Studios we do filming & editing and professional audio recording production. Get in touch if you would like to stand out from your competitors, because they are more than likely already using videos to target your potential and even existing client base.