Pretoria rehearsal studio now free of loadshedding!

Decibels StudioStudio updates

South Africans have come to the realization that loadshedding is unfortunately here to stay for the unforeseeable future. Not having electricity, even at stage 1 has a devastating impact on all businesses in South Africa and even more so small businesses. With unpredictable time tables that ESKOM don’t seem to adhere to coupled with increasing stages of loadshedding at a whim, it became nearly impossible to run the studio. We took a big step in taking our rehearsal studio in Monument Park off-grid so that musicians don’t have to worry about which time slots they need to navigate around ESKOM’s schedule.

You don’t have to in the dark at home and wait for the power to come on again. Come spend those two ours along with your band at our studio and smooth out the creases for your next live performance.