Who made those cool “We Didn’t Start The Fire” radio ads for We Buy Cars?

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Why, that would be us!

One of our favourite clients, We Buy Cars, approached us with a very short brief. It was something along the lines of: “We would like you to create a new radio commercial for us. We would like to use Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire as the base of our ad.” In other words, we were tasked with everything, from concept development, script writing, recording and production to all the admin surrounding the project such as requesting usage and publishing rights from the international record label, negotiating a fee and finally providing flighting codes for tracking on radio stations.

We created, produced and wrote lyrics for 3 versions of the radio ad of which at least one so far, went live across 18 South African radio stations on the 6th of July 2021! It should be an earworm for the next 6 months! Unfortunately we can only brag to you about it without showing you any proof, because of licensing which only applies to radio and not online use. So just take our word for it and listen out for it on your favourite radio station.

Below you will find a link to a project of six radio ads which we recorded and produced for We Buy Cars in 2020 and below that, you can watch Billy Joel’s official music video for the 1989 hit, We Didn’t Start The Fire. Feel free to browse through  our portfolio and hit us up if you need video or audio production for your business.

Enjoy Billy Joel’s original hit!