Decibels studios have taken the feedback from our clients and have put together this superb offering to make your creative ideas come to life.

We now offer services to track, record, mix and master artists.

Tracking and recording is done at Decibels studio itself at R350 per hour. We’re currently running an introductory special at R250 per hour for the first ten artists who record with us. There are still 5 slots left at the introductory offer.

Mixing and mastering, provided you track and record with us, is handled by our friends over at Wagon Wheels Records at between R500 and R700 per song, depending on the scope of work. Solo acoustic artists and smaller bands are welcome to negotiate lower rates depending on the scope of mixing and mastering.

Our goal is to make your creative ideas come to life.

An example of work we’ve done:

Studio equipment we offer at Decibels Studio:
Cubase 8 Pro with Haleon Studio plug-ins
Komplete 9 ultimate VST instruments
IK Amplitube
Various other VST plug-ins

Zoom R24 8-Track audio interface
M-Audio 20 Track Audio interface.
M-Audio Egiht 8 track Audio interface
Alto HPA6 6 channel headphone amplifier
KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitors
M-Audio AV40 studio monitors
M-Audio Keystation 61 midi keyboard
M-Audio Keystation 49 midi keyboard
Akan MPK mini keyboard with pads
Kaotica Eyeball with pop filter

Orange tiny terror stack
Orange Crush PiX CR50BXT 50W bass amp
Vox Valvetronix combo
Behringer Vtone212 Solid state
Roland – CUBE-80XL
Peavy Bandit112 100 watt
Line 6 Spider Iv 15 watt
Marshall RDC 15 watt amp
Various pedals, cables and stands

M-Audio Solaris Condenser
Samson C01 USB condenser
2x Shure SM57
2 x Shure SM58
Shure SV700
Samson Q7 vocal mic
3 x Samson Dynamic Vocal
Samson SADK 7 Piece Drum Microphone Kit

5 piece drumkit with Planet Z cymbals
DW 3000 double bass pedalwagon wheels records

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