Band rehearsal and recording studio

Need a space for band practice in Pretoria? You don’t need to put your car seats down to try and fit in all your gear anymore – we have a complete back-line. Just plug in and play. Need your band filmed or photographed by professionals? No problem. Everything is already set-up at the same air conditioned location.

We now also offer tracking, recording, mixing and mastering at very affordable prices.

Filming & Editing

At Decibels Studios we’ve streamlined the process and developed a working system which allows for low overhead and quick turn around time, without compromising on quality and clarity. This allows us to offer you and your business professional video products at far more affordable prices than production houses with large overheads. Go have a look at our portfolio.

Voice over recordings and self-taping auditions.
We offer services of voice-over recordings and have access to professional voice over artists. 
Are you in the running for a role in a TV series, movie or commercial and need to send in a professional looking video? We can mic you up, set up flattering lights and help you look and sound better than those competing for your bread and butter.

High quality sound and PA system hire in Pretoria
Need to hire a PA system, a mixer, some microphones and stands in and around Pretoria? We’ve got you covered. Our state of the art equipment will be more than enough for your functions for up to 80 people, be it:

  • corporate events
  • gigs
  • outdoors shop advertising
  • product launches
  • weddings
  • golf days
  • birthdays
  • workshops

We can even film or record audio of your corporate speeches and events. Please note that we don’t offer dry hire – we will do the setup and sound for you and make sure our gear works 100% all the time.

Video transfer service in Pretoria
We can convert your old analog videos such as DVD, VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 and MiniDV to digital formats.
We can also digitise your old 8mm and Super 8mm films and add background music. 

Digitizing of other media formats
We can digitze your memories from 35mm slides, photo prints, photo albums and  developed photo negatives. 
We can feed scans larger volumes of A4 documents, loose docuemtns, artworks, certificates, news paper clippings etc. 
Conversion  of 60min and 90 min audio tapes to digital

At the moment we don’t offer digitizing of BetaMax tapes or big reel-to-reel audio, but we might offer these services in future.