Pretoria based band, Kilo Hills recorded some tracks with us

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We recorded two tracks for a Kilo Hills, a band who have used our rehearsal studio for around 6 months. They are totally new to tracking and recording and spent a little more time in studio than a band with studio experience would spend, but we all sat down together and got the exact sound and feel that they were looking for in the track. This song is called 5AM and we’ll load the second track at a later stage.

In the meantime we’ve also recorded 4 radio ads for Oppikoppi and will give you a taster of that as well. We also tracked songs for Valiant Swart, Gerald Clark and The Chris Phillips project.

If you’re looking for a rehearsal space in Pretoria, need to do some tracking, do voice overs or are in need of radio production ads, please get in contact with us . We are also starting a voice bank for the Pretoria are, so get in contact if you’d like to part of our voice bank and possibly land some rehearsals for radio ads or corporate events,

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