Donovan Borne to perform multi-cam live concert on Friday 15 May 2020 @ 15:00!

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Welcome to Decibels Studio’s Live Concert featuring Donovan Borne.

As COVID-19 lockdown continues, so does social distancing and the lack of physical live shows. We’re all craving attending some live shows, however streaming live performances is becoming the norm for the moment and we have put something very special together for you, guaranteed to ease some of those cravings!

We will be doing a high quality, multi-cam, slick produced live streaming of Donovan Borne’s solo performance on Facebook to various Facebook pages simultaneously on Friday! (see below)

Please consider donating for this performance! Fee free to make your choice of donation from the options below for secure online payment, or make use of the banking details below for an amount of your own:

Banking details:
Decibels Studio
ABSA savings account
286 8610 088
Branch: 632005
Mail your reference: ‘Donovan Show’ to

Friday, 15 May 2020: Live Concert – Donovan Borne!

We greatly appreciate your donation and your support! You will be able to catch Donovan Borne’s live stream on any of these Facebook pages listed below,  at 15:00 on Friday, the 15th of May.

During the live show, we will also able to stream pre-recorded messages, adverts, videos, photos, images or  do live product placements with our professional and well-seasoned presenter. Going forward, we are looking for companies who are interested in sponsorship deals by streaming our slick productions to their own pages in addition to the artists, the studio and presenter’s pages to increase their social reach. Talk to us about our very affordable deals for sole sponsorship of shows or sharing the sponsorship cost between another 1, 2 or three non-competitive companies and reach new customers across each other’s  pages. You know what the fans will say? “Wow, it is so cool that this company is helping local music and one of my favourite artists. I am going to support these guys!”

We have a large list of awesome artists to choose from and they are ready and eager to spread the news of your business!

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