Live multi-cam video streaming service in Pretoria

Decibels StudioStudio updates

We have been filming and editing professional videos for small businesses and corporates for over a decade and we now apply all our knowledge and experience to deliver the same quality products via live online streaming. Live streaming allows you to keep the show running when a crisis such as the current coronavirus outbreak hits. As businesses invest in their remote work infrastructure, live streaming is becoming an essential practice, be it for training, showcasing services and products or hosting seminars or events online. It expands your audience reach beyond your home, business premises, venue or city and attracts a digital audience from around the globe.

We can stream and change between multiple camera angles when appropriate. Experience has given us an intuitive rhythm for when to cut to which camera. Multiple angles give your production a nice flow and because we use professional sound, your viewers will feel as though they are watching a TV show, especially crafted for them. Switching between two or more presenters is also a great way to disrupt both the visual and the spoken flow of your video and we can do just that for you. As each new presenter is introduced, the audience is encouraged to explore who the new person is and what they might have to say. Strategically switching back and forth between multiple speakers is a great way to prolong the interest value of your video, and keep viewers engaged.

We can even create “commercial breaks” during your live stream and show viewers interesting existing footage of your services or product during a live show. It changes your “film set” and varies the pace.  We can switch between live-action footage, still visuals, presentations or incorporate b-roll footage or even bring in a remote live guest or two to talk to. They don’t even need special software. We just send them a link to open in a browser for them to participate with their webcams. The rest is taken care of automatically.

What are typical practical uses for live streaming?

  • Special announcements and product launches
  • Interviews with experts or product or industry leaders
  • Influencer outreach
  • Training and education sessions
  • Church services
  • Blogger hosted streams
  • Partner hosted streams
  • Presentations, talks, conferences and press conferences
  • Performances, concerts and tours
  • Demos
  • Backstage pass, red carpet and behind-the-scenes glimpses
  • Virtual tours of houses, show rooms or sales floors

We have all the gear

  • A powerful crisp and clear PA system with speaker stands
  • Extra monitor speakers with stands
  • A selection of wired microphones and microphone stands.
  • Wireless radio lapel microphones.
  • Audio desk with multiple audio channel recording capabilities straight to the desk or laptop.

While live, we can also share mobile screens or content such as presentations from a laptop or PC, bring in live guests from anywhere in the world, and update real-time scores for sporting events.

We broadcast a high quality, multi-cam live stream of Donovan Borne’s solo performance to various Facebook pages simultaneously. This took place 100% live from Decibels in May 2020 and is a very good example of a planned and well-directed live stream. It shows our use of a countdown timer, logos, graphics, prerecorded video, text, titles and calls to action – all in real time.