Boutique Farm Festival wrap-up (#BFF2019)

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Boutique Farm Festival is a unique, intimate South African music festival which took place for the very first time over the weekend of 25-27 January. Because it is a new player to the live music market, the organisers had to pull out all the stops to promote this event to the masses, but at the same time, only sell a limited amount of tickets.

We helped them to promote their very first festival by creating marketing videos which not only had to introduce punters to a new festival and unique venue, but to also get them to know the bands, sponsors and the vendors who took on this new baby.

Over the course of a three month period, we shot, edited and produced 9 videos which they roughly released on a weekly basis. We also came up with the concepts for the videos and scripted them.

Have a look at the 9 videos in the playlist over at our portfolio. We especially got high praises for our Donald Trump spoof which will also possibly lead to new business from a new client. Fingers crossed for that meeting next week!

Apart from the marketing videos, we also sent our small film crew of two to the festival to film the last three songs of each artist, which was quite a tall order. They guys filmed 18 bands/artists over a 2 day period! Not only that – they had to copy footage to hard drives, format SD cards and charge cameras whenever they could find the gaps! The guys from Greenlight Sound (who did an awesome job with the stage sound and lights) were kind enough to prodive us with the audio recordings from the bands’ performances, which we are planning on using to hopefully put some live music videos together. If you ever need the best in the business when it comes to sound in Gauteng, connect with the guys from Greenlight Sound.

The fesival proved to be a great success overall with some room for improvement, if all feedback is taken into consideration and we are looking forward to working with the guys again on the next one.

Have a look at the festival’s line-up.

18:00 – Pedro Barbosa
19:00 – Zionruts Family
20:00 – Die See
21:00 – Valiant Swart
22:00 – Bad Peter
23:00 – Die Horries

12:00 – The Catharina
13:00 – Werner Bekker
14:00 – The Amblers
15:00 – Georgetown Band
16:00 – Radio Kalahari – RKO
17:00 – Greg & The Organics
18:00 – Calling Kingston
19:00 – Velves
20:00 – Wolfgang Marrow
21:00 – Apocalypse Later
22:00 – Son of Hawk
23:00 – WONDERboom

11:00 – Donovan Honeyborne
12:00 – Fritz Gun
13:00 – Kenny Hughes
14:00 – Albert Meintjes

We can proudly mention that a few of these artists are also customers of Decibels Studios and the following bands/artists have made use of our rehearsal space:
Pedro Barbosa
Valiant Swart
The Amblers
Apocalypse Later

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